About Skin Revolution

Skin Revolution Australia provides a professional and confidential boutique service for women and men within the illustrious Cambridge Hair Collective environment.

At Skin Revolution Australia there is a strong commitment to individualising treatments, applying the most current techniques and using the latest technology.

This boutique service is delivered by Sarah, an experienced registered nurse, who is enthusiastic about working with you to provide the best solutions that will meet your needs.

The Process

Step 1

Ask Us

Call or message to make an appointment for a free face-to-face consultation to develop your immediate and long-term goals.

Step 2

Free Consult

During your consultation an assessment is undertaken, we talk about your concerns and goals and together we consider what is possible. A treatment plan is developed and helps to determine the safest and best options available to achieve your goals.

Step 3

Your Plan

When we are all happy with the treatment plan, we can proceed with your treatment. In some cases, we can treat the same day, but a ‘cooling off’ period is always offered.

Step 4

Self Care

You will receive education on what to do after your treatment to ensure safety and the best possible result. You will also be given Post Care Instructions either in paper or electronic format, which is the most convenient for your use.

Step 5


Follow-up on your treatment will be arranged with you and may include a follow-up phone call, follow-up appointment, or a routine treatment re-schedule. If you can’t be contacted all efforts including text or email will be made to follow-up as it is considered as important as all the other steps and client satisfaction is a focus point of Skin Revolution Australia’s service.

Let's work together!


Became a Registered Nurse – initial key areas oncology/hematology


Worked internationally as a Registered Nurse. Made the most of traveling opportunities while overseas.


Back in Australia again – and focus on nursing in the following areas; critical and cancer care, maxillofacial and plastics, burn management and community. Completion of a post-graduate certificate at QUT in cancer care, certified trainer and assessor, qualified facilitator. Undertook state-wide projects and research within Queensland Health. During this time cosmetic nurse injectors were just being introduced and integrated into mainstream clinics, loved to watch the industry grow. This is when my interest in cosmetic nursing started and became a focal area for me.


With all the background work developing. I was given the opportunity to become a quality consultant in health facilities to achieve the National Standards and accreditation


Major life changing event!!!


Officially became a sole trader and finally started Skin Revolution Australia after consolidating all the background work.