BodiDerm Paramedical Skin Care

An exclusive skin care range that treats all skin conditions: ageing, acne, rosacea, sun damage.

Instant and long term results that are amplified when used in conjunction with laser and clinical treatments.

Does not contain parabens, propylene glycol or invasive forms of Vitamin A.

Only contains top quality ingredients in the purest form and strengths and non-toxic.

The Facts

  • No artificial colours, preservatives (Parabens) fragrances or irritants
  • Our formulas are plant based and chirally correct – all organic & active ingredients
  • Medically engineered
  • Scientifically proven – therapeutic and measurable benefits to the skin once applied
  • Liposomal coating for maximum penetration
  • No Retin A which is toxic to the liver and body.


Clear Cleanse – Deep exfoliating cleanser


RehydraDerm– Dehydration Weapon


ClearDerm– Vitamin A & B Serum with anti bacterial & anti inflammatory


Radiance Exfoliator – Exfoliates and calms


Hydroprotect – SPF30+ Immediately Active Physical Sunscreen


SuperDerm- Vital armour for ultimate skin protection