Super Serums

SuperDerm- Vital armour for ultimate skin protection

Epidermal Growth Factor + Peptide

Skin types: All

Benefits: Complete skin rejuvenation aiding optimal skin health & scar reversal.

Hydra A – Instant Ageing Repair

Level 2 Vitamin A – Graduate up to this Ultra Potent Vitamin A formula

Skin types: All

Benefits: Remodels, protects & restores healthy skin. Recalibrates skin to function in its youthful state.

Hydra B – Radiance restored immediately

Instant Radiance Serum

Skin types: All

Benefits: Potent immune protection, anti-inflammatory, inhibits pigmentation, balances moisture & repairs barrier.

Hydra C – Complete skin rejuvenation

DNA Restoration C + Peptides

Skin types: All

Benefits: Rejuvenates the skin  through DNA repair & cellular stimulation to address skin pigmentation, damaged capillaries & abnormal cell formation.